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Bertrand Fourcade

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Bertrand Fourcade
Physics Professor
Université Joseph Fourier
Tél : 33 476 51 47 98
Fax : 33 476 51 45 44
mail :
Address : Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique
140, rue de la Physique - BP 87
38402 St. Martin d’Hères

Scientific interests

Living matter is a traditional field of interest to cellular and molecular biology. Because our understanding and knowledge of these complex out of equilibrium systems have considerably increased in the last two decades, the interfaces between biology and physics have opened new perspectives on questions which are of interest in biology. Hopefully, these vigorous trades across the barriers between the two disciplines will help in a better understanding of the physical mechanisms at work at the scale of the cell. In particular, cell adhesion and cell motility are functions where the mechanical properties of the cytoskeleton, the polymerization mechanisms of the actin network and the adhesive bonds play an essential role. My current scientific interest focuses on the statistical mechanic theory of the bio-adhesion and force generation processes in close collaboration with scientists working in the lab.

Lecture notes :

  • Cours1-Mecanique
    License 1
  • bionano M1
  • Theorie Classique des champs
  • Cours de mathématiques M1
    Analyse complexe - Sturm Liouville - Fonctions de Green - Fonctions spéciales
  • Lecture notes on non-equilibrium statistical mechanics (M2, 2016-2017)
  • Lecture notes on Membranes
    zip archive
  • Cours de Physique pour le Magistère de Mathématiques

Curriculum Vitae :

Curriculum Vitae