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Hungry carnivorous plants 1
(French version below)
Aquatic carnivorous bladderworts (Utricularia species) catch prey animals with suction traps. High speed video recordings show that the plant "swallows" its prey in less than a millisecond!

The trapdoor morphology is optimized for a fast opening and closure, which we confirm by numerical simulations. It is an elastic valve that buckles inside (entailing opening) and then unbuckles (closure). These precise motions are coupled with a strong suction swirl causing accelerations up to 600g, and leaving little escape chances for prey animals

Le piege ultra-rapide d'une plante carnivore aquatique (Clip en Version Francaise)

  1. -Article published: "Ultra-fast underwater suction traps" [free preprint here] by O. Vincent, C. Wei(beta)kopf, S. Poppinga, T. Masselter, T. Speck, M. Joyeux, C. Quilliet, & P. Marmottant, in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

The ultrasonic dance of bubbles

Under ultrasound, bubbles pulsate and vibrate intensely. In the movie below we show how they interact without contact, and how they feature a surprising collective "dance" and a crystalline self-organisation.

"Acoustically bound microfluidic bubble crystals" by D. Rabaud, P. Thibault, M. Matthieu, P. Marmottant, published in Physical Review Letters, 106, 134501 (2011).

Hungry carnivorous plants 2

In this video, we show that aquatic carnivorous plant swallow water after some time, even if there are no prey animals available. For more details consult the article on Plos ONE.

November 6th 2013: The proposal BUBBLEBOOST was accepted for funding by the European Research Council (ERC Consolidator program).

June 2013: Olivier VINCENT received the "mention speciale du jury Jeunes Chercheurs de la Societe Francaise de Physique" for his Ph. D thesis

Conferences in the lab in 2013:
- Workshop Moving without muscles September 19th-20th 2013
- Euromech colloquium Dense flows of soft objects May 13th-15th 2013

Fast acoustic tweezers

Strong acoustic waves can exert forces. Here we show how shape ultrasound waves in order to manipulate objects, without any contact, at any desired position. See article in Appl. Phys. Letters.

The walk and jump of horsetail spores
preles in French):
a small movie showing the spectacular effects of humidity changes on horsetail spores. See also the article.

The origin of sounds from trees:
We could show that the ultrasonic noises by the wood of trees is due to cavitation bubbles. See also the article.