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Transient Grating Spectroscopy

(Marie PLAZANET and Christophe RAMBAUD)

Transient Grating spectroscopy is a pump-probe non linear optical spectroscopic technique. A transient index grating is photo-induced on the sample by the interference of two pump impulsions, and probed by diffraction of the probe beam. The time-resolved diffraction intensity reflects the relaxation modes of the sample back to equilibrium. A heterodyne detection enables a great enhancement of the signal together with a separation of real and imaginary parts of the refractive index. In soft matter, far from any resonance, the technique provides in a single data the damped acoustic oscillations taking place at short times, the mass/density dynamics and the thermal diffusion.

Dynamic Surface Forces Apparatus

(Elisabeth CHARLAIX and Benjamin CROSS)

To investigate properties of soft interface, a new method of detection of buried interface has been developed in collaboration with C. Cottin-Bizonne during the PhD of R. Villey. This method allows to mesure in situ the thickness of thin film by capacitive
detection during nanorheological experiments. The resolution of thickness measurement is nanometric.

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