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Statistical Physics and Modeling

The group:

The team, created in 2013, uses the tools of statistical physics and computational modelling at different scales to study questions that range from molecular and nano-scale systems, adsorption and transport in multi-scale porous materials and material science (thermal and mechanical properties) to the statistical physics of complex molecules and the dynamics of biological molecules and tissues. These studies are most often based on numerical simulations of relatively detailed models. Theoretical issues on generalizations of some concepts of statistical physics to nonequilibrium systems are also studied, often in the framework of simplified models.

Mini Workshop:

06/07/2016 : Dynamical phase transitions in driven systems: contrasting depinning and yielding
organized by members of the group PSM and their scientific visitor Alejandro Kolton

Mini Workshop:

26/11/2015: Driven soft materials and collective cell mechanics
organized by members of the group PSM and their scientific visitor Silke Henkes

PhD thesis award:

Award : a PSM PhD student distinguished by Grenoble University
Alexandre Nicolas, a PhD of our group PSM, has been distinguished for his thesis on "the flow of amorphous solid : elastoplastique modeling and mode coupling theory". Congratulations!

On the cover:

S Jabbari-Farouji, J Rottler, O Lame, A Makke, M Perez, JL Barrat
Plastic Deformation Mechanisms of Semicrystalline and Amorphous Polymers.
Cover of ACS Macro Letters

On the cover:

F. Calvo, Thermodynamics of nanoalloys.
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 17, 27922 (2015). (back cover picture)

GDR Meeting:

5/6 of June 2014, GDR meeting on
organized by members of the group PSM.
Pdfs of the talks can be found on the homepage of the conference, linked to the program.

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