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Statistical Physics and Modeling

The group:

The team, created in 2013, uses the tools of statistical physics and computational modelling at different scales to study questions that range from molecular and nano-scale systems, adsorption and transport in multi-scale porous materials and material science (thermal and mechanical properties) to the statistical physics of complex molecules and the dynamics of biological molecules and tissues. These studies are most often based on numerical simulations of relatively detailed models. Theoretical issues on generalizations of some concepts of statistical physics to nonequilibrium systems are also studied, often in the framework of simplified models.

Permanent researchers, Professors:


  • Magali LE GOFF
  • Nicolas CUNY


  • Alexander SCHLAICH
  • Baoshuang SHANG
  • Vishwas VASISHT

Long-term visitors


  • Bastien MARGUET

Recent and present visitors

  • Sam COHEN, University of Marylad, USA
  • Nicolas TIZON ESCAMILLA, University of Granada, Spain
  • Javier HERNANDEZ-ROJAS, University La Laguna, Spain
  • Alejandro KOLTON, Centro Atomico Bariloche, Argentina
  • Seung Ki BAEK, Pukyong National University, South Corea
  • Cristian HUEPE, Nortwestern University, USA
  • Silke HENKES, University of Aberdeen, UK
  • Jörg ROTTLER, University of British Columbia, USA
  • Cesare NARDINI, CEA/SPEC, France

Former PhD-students

  • Alexandre NICOLAS
  • Chen LIU
  • Romain BEY
  • Jules GUIOTH
  • Dongliang JIN

Former Post-docs

  • Elisabeth AGORITSAS
  • Natalia BEDOYA
  • Raffaela CABRIOLU
  • Ezequiel FERRERO
  • Giacomo GRADENIGO
  • Sara JABBARI
  • Kamran KARIMI
  • Pawel KOZIATEK
  • Luca MARRADI
  • Elian MASNADA
  • Hideyuki MIZUNO
  • Francesco PUOSI

Former interns

  • Fayçal BAI
  • Nav Ketan BATRA
  • Enrico CALZATI
  • Antoine RACANO
  • Lawrence SMITH
  • Dominik ZELLER

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