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Salima Rafai

CNRS Researcher,

Complex Fluid Group
Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique (LIPhy)
office: 311, lab: 321

tel: (33) 04 76 51 48 94
email: salima.rafai at

Intenships, PhD, Post-Doc offers:
Please feel free to contact me, we always welcome motivated students
salima.rafai at
Post-Doc 2018

CV (Updated 2017):


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24. Effective viscosity of active suspensions: Three-dimensional numerical modeling

Levan Jibuti, Walter Zimmermann, Salima Rafaï, Philippe Peyla

Phys. Rev. E 96, 052610 (2017), DOI

23. Amoeboid swimming in a channel

Hao Wu, Alexander Farutin, Wei-Fan Hu, Marine Thiébaud, Salima Rafaï, Philippe Peyla, Ming-Chih Lai, Chaouqi Misbah

Soft Matter, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016, 12 (36), pp.7470 - 7484. DOI

22. Photofocusing: Light and flow of phototactic microswimmer suspension

Matthieu Martin, Alexandre Barzyk, Eric Bertin, Philippe Peyla, Salima Rafaï

Physical Review E , American Physical Society (APS), 2016, 93 (5), pp.051101(R). DOI

21. Self-focusing and jet instability of a microswimmer suspension

Jibuti, Levan and Qi, Ling and Misbah, Chaouqi and Zimmermann, Walter and Rafai, Salima and Peyla, Philippe (2014)

Phys. Rev. E, 90, 063019 DOI

20. Amoeboid Swimming: A Generic Self-Propulsion of Cells in Fluids by Means of Membrane Deformations

Alexander Farutin, Salima Rafaï, Dag Kristian Dysthe, Alain Duperray, Philippe Peyla and Chaouqi Misbah (2013)

Phys. Rev. Lett. 111 , 228102 DOI

19. Light Control of the Flow of Phototactic Microswimmer Suspensions

Xabel Garcia, Salima Rafaï*, and Philippe Peyla (2013)

Phys. Rev. Lett. 110 , 138106 DOI

See accompanying Physics Synopsis

18. Effective viscosity of non-gravitactic chlamydomonas reinhardtii
microswimmer suspensions

M. Mussler, S. Rafai, P. Peyla and C. Wagner (2013)

EPL, 101 54004 DOI

17. Pattern formation by dewetting and evaporating sedimenting suspensions

M. Habibi , P. Moller , A. Fall , S. Rafai and D. Bonn (2012)

Soft Matter, 8 (17) , pp . 4682 - 4686 DOI

16. Suspensions with a tunable effective viscosity: a numerical study

L. Jibuti, S. Rafaï and P. Peyla (2012)

J. Fluid Mech., 693 , 345-366 . DOI

15. Random walk of a swimmer in a low-Reynolds-number medium

M.Garcia, S.Berti, P.Peyla, and S.Rafai (2011)

Phys. Rev. E, 83 (3), 035301 (Rapid Comm.). DOI

14. Is there a relation between the relaxation time measured in CaBER experiments and the first normal stress coefficient?

A. Zell, S. Gier, S. Rafai and C. Wagner (2010)

J. of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 165, 1265–1274. DOI

13. Effective Viscosity of Microswimmer Suspensions

Rafai, S.; Jibuti, L. & Peyla, P. (2010)

Phys. Rev. Lett. 104(9), 098102. DOI

12. Impact dynamics of surfactant laden drops: dynamic surface tension effects

Aytouna, M.; Bartolo, D.; Wegdam, G.; Bonn, D. & Rafai, S. (2010)

Exp. in Fluids 48(1), 49-57. DOI

11. Salt crystallization during evaporation: Impact of interfacial properties

Shahidzadeh-Bonn, N.; Rafai, S.; Bonn, D. & Wegdam, G. (2008)

Langmuir 24(16), 8599-8605. DOI

10. Some applications of magnetic resonance imaging in fluid mechanics: Complex flows and complex fluids

Bonn, D.; Rodts, S.; Groenink, M.; Rafai, S.; Shahidzadeh-Bonn, N. & Coussot, P. (2008)

Ann. Rev. of Fluid Mech. 40, 209-233. DOI

9. Repulsive and attractive critical Casimir forces

Rafai, S.; Bonn, D. & Meunier, J. (2007)

Physica A 386(1), 31-35. DOI

8. Effective exponents in the long-range critical wetting of alkanes on aqueous substrates

Weiss, V. C.; Bertrand, E.; Rafai, S.; Indekeu, J. O. & Bonn, D. (2007)

Phys. Rev. E 76(5, Part 1). DOI

7. Evaporating droplets

Shahidzadeh-Bonn, N.; Rafai, S.; Azouni, A. & Bonn, D. (2006)

J. Fluid Mech. 549, 307-313. DOI

6. Spreading of non-Newtonian fluids and surfactant solutions on solid surfaces

Rafai, S. & Bonn, D. (2005)

Physica A 358(1), 58-67. DOI

5. Long-range critical wetting: Experimental phase diagram

Rafai, S.; Bonn, D. & Meunier, J. (2005)

Physica A 358(1), 197-204. DOI

4. Spreading of non-Newtonian fluids on hydrophilic surfaces

Rafai, S.; Bonn, D. & Boudaoud, A. (2004)

J. Fluid Mech. 513, 77-85. DOI

3. Long-range critical wetting: Observation of a critical end point

Rafai, S.; Bonn, D.; Bertrand, E.; Meunier, J.; Weiss, V. & Indekeu, J. (2004)

Phys. Rev. Lett. 92(24). DOI

2. Superspreading: Aqueous surfactant drops spreading on hydrophobic surfaces

Rafai, S.; Sarker, D.; Bergeron, V.; Meunier, J. & Bonn, D. (2002)

Langmuir 18(26), 10486-10488. DOI

1. What controls the thickness of wetting layers near bulk criticality?

Fenistein, D.; Bonn, D.; Rafai, S.; Wegdam, G.; Meunier, J.; Parry, A. & da Gama, M. (2002)

Phys. Rev. Lett. 89(9). DOI

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