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Research topics

Les chercheurs du LIPhy sont majoritairement des physiciens menant des activités à l’interface avec d’autres disciplines.

Le laboratoire est composé de sept équipes dont les trois grand thèmes de recherche sont :

General presentation.

LIPhy is an interdisciplinary research laboratory. The majority of researchers are physicists working at the interface with other disciplines.
The three main research themes are : Physics of (...)

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Physics of living systems

The investigations of this theme involve Studies of physical or statistical properties of proteins, cells, tissues or populations. Development of instruments for imaging, observation or (...)

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Complex Matter

The investigations include: Studies of the morphology and dynamics of soft objects: vesicles, drops, bubbles, shells ... mechanical and flowing properties of complex fluids: vesicle, cells, (...)

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Our laboratory has a long standing history and expertise in optics and lasers applied to the fields of imaging and instrumental development: Ultra high sensitivity spectrometer to detect gas (...)

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