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Salima Rafai

CNRS Researcher,

Complex Fluid Group

my office: 311, my lab: 321

(33) 04 76 51 48 94


Propositions de stages, thèse/ Intenships, PhD offers:

salima.rafai AT


Philippe Peyla, Prof. LIPhy

Levan Jibuti, PhD LIPhy (2008-2011)

Michaël Garcia, PhD LIPhy (2009-)

Stefano Berti, Post-Doc LIPhy (2009-2011)

Xabel Garcia, Master student LIPhy (2011)


Articles publiés dans des journaux à comité de lecture

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Publications: view on web of science
view on Hal
21. Self-focusing and jet instability of a microswimmer suspension
Jibuti, Levan and Qi, Ling and Misbah, Chaouqi and Zimmermann, Walter and (...)

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Research Topics

FocuSwim project We investigate the swimming of microalgae (Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii) toward a light source (phototaxis) within a flow. This fundamental and interdisciplinary study involves (...)

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