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19 March 2018

A fast confocal system for calcium imaging in brain slices

In brain slices, resolving fast Ca2+ fluorescence signals from submicron structures is typically achieved using two-photon or confocal scanning microscopy, an approach that limits the number of scanned points.

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19 March 2018

Mechanosensitivity of cancer cells in contact with soft substrates

Cancer cells are usually found to be softer than normal cells, but their stiffness changes when they are in contact with different environments because of mechanosensitivity. For example, they adhere to a given substrate by tuning their cytoskeleton, thus affecting their rheological properties.

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7 February 2018

30 years later: the dynamical transition studied under high hydrostatic pressure

Proteins are not fixed, they constantly change their conformation due to fluctuations in their energy landscape. Beyond a certain temperature, these dynamic changes of conformation are important, proteins undergo what is called a dynamic transition. This work examines the effect of pressure on this transition observed originally 30 years ago.

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26 January 2018

Are cells ticklish?

Cells are sensitive to their mechanical environment: pressure or shear can provoke biochemical responses. In order to accurately test the reaction of adherent cells to mechanical stimulations, we developed magneto-active substrates.

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17 January 2018

Exclusion zones created by pulsating bubbles in microfluidics

Under ultrasonic excitation, microfluidic bubbles can create steady flows called streaming. This phenomenon can be useful to create very strong flows in microfluidics, as streaming velocities can reach up to a few millimetres per second for bubbles sizing around 50 microns in diameter.

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