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14 November 2017

Super-resolution photoacoustic imaging

Will in vivo optical imaging of deep tissues be possible soon with high resolution? To make a deep optical image through turbid media such as biological tissues, photoacoustic imaging is a promising and rapidly developing technique. However, if the resolution allowed by this technique at depth in tissue is much better than that of optical microscopy methods, it nevertheless remains limited by the acoustic diffraction. Two experimental approaches inspired by optical super-resolution methods have just been implemented to push back the resolution limits of photoacoustic imaging.

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10 November 2017

Thermodynamics of lipid multilamellar vesicles in presence of sterols at high hydrostatic pressure

The measurement of thermodynamic variables in the presence of cholesterol in membranes is crucial to understanding the physics and mechanics that underlie the function of biomembranes. The present study proposes to combine two techniques to access the thermodynamic variables and thus allow a better understanding of the dynamics of biomembranes at the molecular level.

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4 September 2017

Analog photonic fractional Fourier transformation

Fractional Fourier transformation (FrFT) can be seen as the generalization of the Fourier transform (FT) along any direction intermediate between the direct and the Fourier-dual domain. We have (...)

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4 September 2017

Optimizing the metric in sensorless adaptive optical microscopy

When observing biological tissues in-depth, one has to fight, among other things, with the consequences of optical aberrations introduced by the inhomogeneities of refractive indices. In (...)

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29 July 2017

Optical sectioning in optical resolution photo acoustic microscopy

Photoacoustic imaging is one of the recent techniques in the arsenal of bio-medical imaging methods. It cumulates the advantages (and disadvantages) of optics and acoustic. But to compete with (...)

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