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Materials, Optics and Instrumental Techniques for Life Sciences

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MOTIV team brings together researchers with different skills (physics, optics, biophysics, chemistry), who develop approaches to physics-biology / medicine interface. MOTIV activities are carried out in close collaboration with biologists and physicians and generally have a strong instrumental component. The studied objects have different scales ranging from the molecular to the whole animal, through the cell and organ. These themes share the same tools of microscopy, optics and spectroscopy.


Alexis Coullomb, Antoine Delon, Aurélie Dupont, Aurélien Gourrier, Benjamin Brune, Bertrand Fourcade, Cécile Bidan, Elisa Vitiello, François Ingremeau, Giovanni Cappello, Irène Wang, Jacques Derouard, Jean Bernard, Jean-Claude Vial, Joseph Gallagher, Julien Douady, Katharina Hennig, Laetitia Gredy, Marco Canepari, Mariana Verezhak, Martial Balland, Monika Dolega, Olivier Stephan, Philippe Moreau, Rachel Genthial, Tomas Andersen.