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The project aims at developing a minimal system in-vitro mimicking a biological tissue.

Living tissues are continuously submitted to external or internal forces such as those implicated in heart beating, breathing or cell intercalation during morphogenesis. During those processes tissues has to maintain mechanical integrity. The maintenance of such integrity is a critical feature for tissue homeostasis and highly depends on the regulation of cell adhesion, shape and contractility.
How tension propagates in a tissue is thus a key element of the comprehension of biological system integrity. In our laboratory, we developed different tools both to measure the forces that cell exert on their environment and to manipulate cells arrangements in vitro.
The core idea of this internship is to design and realize an in-vitro minimal model that mimics a biological tissue. The student will assemble this pseudo-tissue using micro fabrication techniques to control its shape and size. To probe the mechanical interaction between the pseudo-tissue and the environment, as well as propagation of biomechanics information throughout the tissue, the student will use traction force microscopy, a well-established technique in the team.
The applicant will work at the interface between microfabrication techniques, optical instrumentation and cell biology.

Contact :
Martial Balland
04 76 63 58 16