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MODI team

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The group is interested in the micro- and nanoscale properties of soft matter systems, liquids at interfaces and complex molecular assemblies, in relation with interdisciplinary application ranging from biophysics and medecine to energy management.

A strong emphasis is devoted to the development of novel instrumentation methods and the design of original physico-chemistry systems. Examples are nano-rheology measurements, force-feedback microscopy, or photo-tunable adhesion layers.

The group is also involved in collaborations with the synchrotron and neutron european facilities teams in Grenoble and is an active member of the Grenoble Partnership for Soft Condensed Matter.

Recent activities :

  • On November 1, Céline Hadji begins a post-doc on gas separation and filtration by soap films.
  • Valentin Gérard has joined the group on the 1st of october as a PhD student working on liquids confined in hydrophobic porous materials.
  • The thermodynamics of multi-lamellar lipid vesicles in the presence of hydrostatic high-pressure sterols better understood by means of calorimetry and neutron scattering measurements More.
  • Erik Abbeg has joined the group on the 1st of january as a PhD student.
  • In 2016, an article concerning adaptive strategies in cells from the deep sea is published in Scientific Reports
  • In 2016, Dominik Zeller joined the group as a PhD student working on the development of new methods to study molecular dynamics par neutron scattering