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OPTIMA - Accueil

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Description of the team

The OPTIMA team was created in 2010 to pool a number of skills around lasers physics and their applications and imaging techniques.

The team’s know-how includes fields as varied and complementary as classical optics, image formation, photo-acoustic imaging, Fourier optics, non-linear optics, guided optics , telecommunications, plasmonics, quantum optics, lasers dynamics, light statistical properties, biophotonics and in vivo imaging.

L’équipe OPTIMA est composée de :

Permanents :

  1. Emmanuel Bossy (Pr UGA)
  2. Hugues Guillet de Chatellus (CR CNRS)
  3. Olivier Hugon (MdC UGA)
  4. Olivier Jacquin (MdC UGA)
  5. Eric Lacot (Pr UGA)
  6. Sylvie Costrel de Corainville (AI UGA)

Doctorants :

  1. Valentin Genuer
  2. Vadim Girardeau
  3. Côme Schnébelin
  4. Sergey Vilov

Post-doctorants :

  1. Bastien Arnal
  2. Vicente Duran Bosch
  3. Antonio Miguel Caravaca Aguirre