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27 novembre 2017: 1 événement

  • Séminaires Invités

    Lundi 27 novembre 2017 14:00-15:30 - Carles BLANCH-MERCADER - University of Geneva, Departement of Biochemistry, Switzerland

    Hydrodynamic Instabilities, Waves and Turbulence in Spreading Epithelia

    Résumé : In the last decades a great deal of attention has been focused on spreading epithelial monolayers, as a model system to study morphogenesis, tissue repairing or cancer invasion. These cellular systems exhibit a rich repertoire of dynamical states. For example, propagation of elastic mechanical waves at time scales of several hours, where one would expect a fluid-like behaviour [1]. In our study, we show that some observations can be conciliated through a minimal hydrodynamical description of a compressible active polar fluid by introducing two sources of activity : traction forces with the environment and intercellular contractile stresses. The physical model harbours a new periodic oscillatory instability controlled by cell-substrate interactions. Near criticality, the system admits a reduced description in the terms of the Complex Ginzburg-Landau equation that we compute analytically [2]. Thus, we report a full characterisation of all dynamical states and found that they are comprised between coherent nonlinear waves to turbulent states. In the last part of the seminar, I will discuss these results in the light of recent experimental findings from P. Silberzan group on collective migration of weakly-adherent epithelial cells [3].
    [1] C. Blanch-Mercader, R. Vincent, E. Bazellières, X. Serra-Picamal, X. Trepat, and J. Casademunt, Soft matter, (2017).
    [2] C. Blanch-Mercader and J. Casademunt, Soft matter (2017).
    [3] C. Blanch-Mercader *, V. Yashunsky *, S. Garcia, G. Duclos, L. Giomi, and P. Silberzan. arXiv (2017).

    contact : Pierre Recho

    Lieu : LIPhy, conference room - 140 Avenue de la Physique 38402 Saint Martin d’Hères

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