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6 mai 2019: 1 événement

  • Séminaires Invités

    Lundi 6 mai 14:00-15:30 - Stéphane Santucci - Laboratoire de Physique de l'ENS Lyon

    Inertial Effects on the Unsteady Peeling Dynamics of Adhesive Tape

    Résumé : Everyone has experienced the unpleasant screechy sound when peeling-off packing tape. This noise is the signature of a dynamical stick-slip instability, with periodic velocity oscillations of the peel front. Despite a large number of studies, such instability still causes industrial problems, bringing forward challenging questions. Recent studies have demonstrated that the unstable front dynamics is an even more complex process, involving a secondary instability at much smaller spatiotemporal scales than the macroscopic stick-slip.
    Thanks to an extensive experimental study, we have been able to unveil the precise characteristics of this peel front micro-instability. In particular, the amplitude of this instability scales with its period as T1/3, with a pre-factor evolving slightly with the peel angle, and increasing systematically with the bending modulus of the tape backing. A local energy balance of the detachment process shows that the elastic bending energy stored in the tape region that will detach during the microslip is converted into a kinetic energy increase of the peeled tape during a micro-stick-slip cycle. Our model allows a quantitative description of the observed scaling-law linking amplitudes and periods of the micro-instability, and in particular its dependency with the peeling angle, as well as with the bending modulus and lineic mass of the ribbon.
    References :
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    contact : Benjamin Dollet

    Lieu : LIPhy, conference room - 140 Avenue de la Physique 38402 Saint Martin d’Hères

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